Warrior in Shambles

Word of the Day combined challenges…links throughout poem.

Thought I was moonstruck temporarily

Beguiled by pearlescent sphere which whips

A fever…mind kindling tinder, emotions

Singeing imagination

But Moon withdrew sparking scepter

Left November’s shivery chill…

And peace in shambles.

Despite Faith’s conviction, soul’s

Autumnal camaraderie

My praise is doleful, dismal

Hope dubious, diminishing

My hymn less psalm of David

More fatigued grief’s dirge…my

Prayer, for blissed oblivion.

Sometimes best position in battle

Is Rest—not weak resignation

But purposed decision—docile

Surrender to Sovereign God

Who fights for weary child within

Restores, refreshes, shores up

The fervent warrior heart.

©j.a.case & Keyhole Poetry, 2018 ~ All rights reserved.


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