Our Painted World

What do you See? Nov/27/2018

You might have painted world for me…

Broad brushstrokes lighting seasons

With melded ocean hues

Night ‘n day, tidal hush, waves of froth-edged blue

Pointillistic sequin-starlight, periwinkle dusk

Pastel bouquet, tentacled, sea anemones

Trees drip sapphires all year-round

Beneath them fragrant lush jade ground

Lifted, blissed, above mad Earth

Siren songs waft ‘mid wind chimes

There we’d love, mute clock e’er stopped

At perfect younger time…

Dream me another canvas, dear

With books that float, a word-full boat

I will bide adoringly, fill pages, penning lines

Imaginary memories, far-fetched romantic rhymes.

©j.a.case & Keyhole Poetry, 2018 ~ All rights reserved.



14 thoughts on “Our Painted World

  1. Your painted world is filled with radiant colours emanating precious memories. There is still time to dream. I love your poem, thank you.


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