Soul Assault

Scott’s Daily Prompts combined…links throughout poem.

Seemingly no pause in pressure

Double-down assault from Hell

The Enemy, Liar-Thief, pays no

Respect, regard…feels only

Antipathy for faithful soul…

He toils, gleeful zealot, takes

No breaks, scoffs at holidays

Guffaws as I convulse in sore

Frenetic paralysis…eyelids close

Against night which is more

Than mere darkness endless

Yearning for escape, begging God

To snip heart-string tethering

Lead-weighted frame to Earth…

No longer encumbered by

Numbered harrowing yesteryears

Short faux-hope tomorrows

Let me, footloose, fly

Higher than gilt horizon


December’s twilight sky.

© & Keyhole Poetry, 2018 ~ All rights reserved.


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