Advent Assurance

Ragtag Daily Prompts combined…links throughout poem.

Vigorous frost wears brilliance like

Winter jewels strung, entwined  along

Autumn’s shoulders; sparking from

Her ears, wrists; encircling fingers

Mysteriously beckoning.

Soul, be grateful for this glimpsed

Glimmer, Star in the East, Holy harbinger

Foreshadowing:  in rough manger-born

Blessed baby King…anointed with wisdom

He’ll not be unaware of what’s to come

Won’t walk away from God’s chosen ones

Entrusted to His shepherding care

The Lord is with us, Immanuel

Prophets foretold, angels declare

Christ, living bridge between God, man

Destined Savior, will redeem the Fall

Restore each heart prone to falter

Shatter in crash of flesh, spirit married…

He recognizes, shows compassion to

Imperfect vessels created to carry Eternal

Ideal; His love, grace, resurrection power

Will save, heal, transform in mercy’s hour

Dust and tears of shuffling pilgrims

Sculpt each one into masterpiece which

Magnifies glory, God’s praises forever.

© & Keyhole Poetry, 2018 ~ All rights reserved.


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