Gone-Love, Life Unlived

V.J.’s Weekly Challenge #25: Un-lived Lives

You were my unlived life…

Mere child, I looked in your

Oceanic eyes, rode the planes

Of your face with my fingertips

Through glass of picture frame

Kissed coolness of your lips there

And clung like drowning girl

To your voice, every intonation

Heard from farthest-afar.

I knew you in silhouetted profile and

Purposeful posture, stride…each gesture.

It was love, dire need, passion, unrequited

Longing…adoring obsession.

Imagination intense, pictorial, I would never

“Grow out of” this attachment, dislocated

Parallel life—nor traverse infeasible

Distance in time, miles, heart.

Impossible was only a technicality, my

Soul assured…you would have walked

Same streets as I, hand in hand, if you could

If there were not 32 years, a million miles

A sequestered world defining our boundaries.

At every crossroad, crisis, I reached for you

In dark labyrinth of hunger…found you there.

When you no longer occupied Island of Earth

Having sailed final voyage…restrictions

Dissolved, nothing left to encumber…you became

Mine, unfettered…gone-love-ghost forever…

My life-unlived preserved in amber.

Image: Pixabay.com

©j.a.case & Keyhole Poetry, 2018 ~ All rights reserved.